Full time caring can become a full time occupation with minimal opportunity to take time for oneself. Striking a balance between caring for somebody and having some quality of personal life may be difficult to achieve.

If you look after a loved one or have a regular care assistant wishing to take a break, or you have been discharged from hospital and need support whilst you recuperate we can offer respite services at your own home.

We support people with activities such as knitting, reading, cooking, using a computer or to continue a hobby.

This service can be for an hour, a day, several days or for a number of weeks. It can on a regular basis or as a one off service to suit your needs. Our staff are highly trained, dedicated professionals and we would endeavour to match their abilities to the needs of the person we are asked to support. We will do our utmost to respond to a service at short notice.

Our live in care assistants attend a full training programme and regular updates to ensure that we can support clients in their own homes. All of our care assistants are fully employed by us giving you the assurance that they are monitored and supervised.